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The Town has contracted with Official Payments, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions to offer payment processing over the internet.

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Chatham maintains a proud community of residents. Its colorful history and heritage lure many away from other parts of the country.

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We are dedicated to serving you in a professional, efficient, and courteous manner and being sensitive to your needs; we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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Chatham, which has been making history since 1777, is affectionately called the "Prettiest Little Town in Southside Virginia."

Web Payments
The Town of Chatham announces a new and convenient way for residents to make their payments. Beginning February 3rd, real estate tax, personal property tax, Town utilities and ticket/fine payments may be paid online. The Town has contracted with Official Payments, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions to offer payment processing over the internet.

Chatham values and nurtures the arts and crafts to a level that would be remarkable even in a much larger population center. Artistic expression, art, and certainly a touch of sophistication reveal themselves to all those that seek it.

While Chatham's community of writers, artists, and craftspeople (both past and current) may be small compared to other artistic enclaves, they have made and continue to make a large and lasting impact on the Town as a whole. Although some of the artists and writers listed below may now belong to other communities, they still have undeniably strong ties to Chatham.

Laura Hankins Adcock, jazz vocalist
Laura White Alderson, journalist, writer, poet, and publicist, of Raleigh, NC
Norman Amos, woodcarver
Frank Andrews, artist in leaded glass
Jesse Andrews, photographer
Beatrice Baldwin, artist
Laura Bradley, artist
Sara Hunt Briggs, artist
Ann Fox Casada, writer
Dr. Jim Casada, historian, outdoorsman, writer, columnist, and editor
Maud Carter Clement (1879-1969), historian and writer
Kimberly Ryan Clifton, writer and columnist
Joseph F. "Rick" Cline, historian and writer
Nancy Compton, artist
Dr. William B. Crawley, Jr., historian and writer
Carson Davenport, artist
Tim Davis, journalist, writer, editor
Arthur de Ponceau, poet
Elsabee Dixon, ceramic artist
Roger Dodson, historian and writer
Carolyn Thompson Dudley, art psychotherapist
Kaye Jackson Elliott, television and radio writer, producer, graphical artist, and on-screen personality
Ward Elliott, musician and master instrument maker
Bev Emerson, musician
Claudia Emerson, poet
Madalene Vaden Fitzgerald, writer and historian
Vernon Geyer (1921-2001), geologist and sculptor
Jeff Guenther, artist
Barbara Hall, writer, producer, singer, and songwriter
Karen Hall, writer, producer
William T. Hathaway, naturalist and writer
Charles Hawkins, artist, sculptor, and Chatham's state senator
Dr. Jay Hayes, historian and writer
Wyatt C. Hedrick (1888-1964), architect
Wilson G. Hibble, artist
Chris Hughes, historian and author
Farida Hughes, artist (paintings and works on paper)
Frances Hallam Hurt, writer and dramatist
Henry Hurt, editor and writer
Cary James, architect and writer
Helen James, artist, illuminator, and quilter
Estelle Jefferson, artist
Langhorne Jones, Sr., jurist, historian and writer
Sue Kottwitz, jewelry designer
Kenyon McCann, writer and dramatist
Hugh D. McCormick (1903-1998), historian and writer
Dr. Edgar Melton, historian and writer
Herman Melton, historian and writer
Dr. James Melton, historian and writer
William Melton, filmmaker and administrator
Alice Meyer, artist
Joe Miller, artist and graphic designer
Robin Lawrence Mildrum, artist
Henry H. Mitchell, editor, writer, and artist
Patricia B. Mitchell, food history writer
Preston B. Moses (1908-1996), editor, artist
Louise McCormick Motley, artist
Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986), artist
Lucille Mabel Walthall Payne, writer
Tom Royster, photographer
Fillmore H. Sanford (1914-1967), psychologist, author, editor
R. Nevitt Sanford (1909-1995), psychologist, author
Paul Shelton (1915-1998), master saddlemaker
Ricky Van Shelton, musician and writer
Landon Spradlin, musician and evangelist
Mary Tallent, writer
Ann Taylor, newscaster
Mark Thomas, journalist, writer
Estes Thompson, journalist, editor
Gloria Hall Thompson, artist
L. J. Toler, journalist
Agnes Fulcher Tune, artist
Estelle Ironmonger Tyler, historian and writer
Michiel VanDerSommen, sculptor
Ellen Bryant Voigt, poet
Biff Watson, musician
Jim Watson, musician, and writer
Dr. Thomas L. Watson (1871-1924), geologist and writer
Christine Whitehead, artist and cancer therapist
Harriet Whitehead, research analyst, anthropologist, and writer
John Hurt Whitehead, photographer and writer
Mary Elizabeth Whitehead, musician
James Womack, master saddlemaker
Susan Worley, journalist, writer
Jerry Wyatt, actor, vocalist, and teacher/director/producer
Jonathan Yardley, writer, book critic, columnist
S. Dail Yeatts, educator, historian