Chatham has robust access to quality primary and secondary school education. Chatham’s educational strength is found in both its public and private school offerings. The diversity of educational choice available to the Chatham community provides strong educational opportunities for Chatham students and their families.
Virginia's Public School System
The Commonwealth of Virginia places high value on public education. The Virginia Department of Education has advanced the Commonwealth to 4th in state educational rankings based on quality and safety. ("Public School Rankings by State," 2021.) State math scores are the 4th highest in the Union while Virginia's school safety ranks 3rd overall as of 2021.
Pittsylvania County Schools
Chatham Elementary School (319th out of 1102; 2021), Chatham Middle School (125th out of 419; 2021), and Chatham High School (49th out of 327; 2021) are the public schools directly serving the Town of Chatham. Their rankings are generally in the upper half or upper third of the public schools in the Commonwealth according to Additionally, Pittsylvania County Schools ranked 21st overall out of 132 school districts.
Chatham Elementary School, 245 Chatham Elementary Lane, Chatham, 434-432-5441.
Public co-ed day, Primary grades PK to 5th. 
Chatham High School, 100 Chatham Cavalier Circle, Chatham, VA, 434-432-8305.
Public co-ed day, Primary grades 9th to 12th grade.
Chatham Middle School, 11650 US-29, Chatham, VA, 434-432-2169.
Public co-ed day, Primary grades 5th to 8th.
Private Schools
The Town of Chatham is sandwiched between two private secondary educational institutions, with Chatham Hall on its East side and Hargrave Military Academy on its West side. Both academies have provided Chatham students over 100 years of continuous educational service. Both schools bring national and international students to Chatham and greatly expand the Chatham community when they’re in session. All private schools are highly regarded within the Chatham community and are highly competitive in their educational, spiritual, and tuition offerings.
Chatham Hall, 800 Chatham Hall Cir, Chatham, 434-432-2941.
Private girl’s boarding/day, Secondary grades 9th to 12th, Episcopal, 362 acres, Founded 1894.
Dry Fork Christian School, 6920 Dry Fork Rd, Dry Fork, 434-724-7252.
Private co-ed day, Primary grades K to 8th, Secondary grades 9th to 12th, Christian (non-denominational), Founded 1978.
Faith Christian Academy, 361 Main St, Hurt, 434-324-8276.
Private co-ed day, Primary grades Pre-K to 8th, Secondary grades 9th to 12th, Christian (non-denominational).
Hargrave Military Academy, 200 Military Drive, Chatham, 434-432-2481.
Private boy’s boarding/day, Primary grades 7th to 8th, Secondary grades 7th to 12th & postgraduate, Baptist, 217 acres, Founded 1909.
Heritage Academy, 1461 Dry Fork Rd, Dry Fork, 434-432-8380.
Private co-ed day, Primary grades Pre-K to 8th, Christian (non-denominational).
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