October 18, 2021
Chatham Mayor
Will Pace
Chatham Town Council
Matthew Bell, Janet Bishop, William Black, Irvin Perry, Robert Thompson, Andrew Wall
CHATHAM - Chatham Mayor Will Pace and members of the Chatham Town Council today announce that the Town of Chatham will receive $3,300,000 of grant funds from the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water (ODW) for the purposes of making improvements to Chatham's water infrastructure.
“I am thrilled to announce this great news for our community," said Mayor Will Pace. “These funds will be used to make improvements to our existing water infrastructure and replacing aging waterlines, something that our community really needs. I want to thank everyone on the Chatham Town Council and our entire town staff including Town Manager Richard Cocke and Town Treasurer Kelly Hawker for their work in helping us obtain this much needed grant. I especially want to thank Bernard Proctor and Jeff Wells from the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) for their assistance in helping Chatham to obtain this grant."
“This grant is a major step towards repairing critical infrastructure in the Town of Chatham,” said Councilmember Matt Bell. “Water is a vital part of life and the life of the town. When I first ran for council just over a year ago, one of the things I ran on was improving the town's infrastructure. Today we celebrate that goal becoming a reality.”
“I am so pleased that our Town will get $3.3 million in grant funds for our aging water infrastructure," said Councilmember Janet Bishop. “I am proud of our employees and council for getting it done. Now, we can get started on making significant improvements to our aging system. One of our most important responsibilities is to provide reliable water, and this will go a long way in updating our current system."
“This is a great opportunity for the Town of Chatham to upgrade its water infrastructure and is coming at a critical time," said Councilmember Andrew Wall. “This will move Chatham forward into the future."